Step 3:  Detail Out The Workflows

The concept of Knowledge Fusion At The Point of Decision Making (KFATPODM) is the guiding star for all software systems and information flow structure strategic decision making.

- Mike Hornitschek, VP of Strategic Development at StraightUp Solar

The solar business is based on workflows.  There are workflows for the sales process and workflows for the installation & commissioning process.  Across all these workflows are the people in your company carrying them out.  An effective stack will be able to get the right information to the right people at the right time.  Therefore it’s imperative to detail out the workflows.  A good exercise is to look at the current process and write down all the data fields you need for that process, who finds that information useful, and how they currently obtain them. Then do the same for how you’d like it to be once a better solution is implemented.