Step 8:  Launch, Learn, & Optimize

It’s a common misconception that the software will be plug and play. You have to take into account the huge learning curves and adoption curves that come with this type of software.

- David Wilson, Director Of Sales at SOLO

When you hear the word “automate,” it doesn’t mean that things happen automatically. They do eventually, but there is work involved to set it up.  As software has become more and more powerful, the tools have become increasingly complex, which can make them more challenging to use.  Once launched, schedule 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, and 1 month check-ins with the users of the new software.  You’ll likely have to make adjustments to the configuration or processes as your elegant chalkboard workflow meets the messy turbulence of a solar business.  As your business evolves, have quarterly check-ins to see how the process can be optimized or if you need to integrate an entirely new workflow.