Step 4:  Provide your Champions with tools to submit referrals

Customers want to make sure they're happy with the system before putting their word on the line.  A lot of our referrals come 1-2 years after the install was completed by maintaining good relationships with our customers.

- Jody Bannister, Client Support Specialist at AM Sun Solar

Ask, “How can I make it as easy as possible for my customers to send me referrals?”  Work to remove the barriers that may inhibit your customers from submitting referrals.  Do not assume that your glowing customer has your email address memorized, your phone number saved in their contacts, or even remembers the name of your company at the moment they want to provide the referral.


Effective referral tools include:

  • A referral generation tool built into a customer experience platform like Bodhi

  • A process that requires a sales rep to ask the customer to save their phone number to their contacts 

  • Automated emails or texts with referral prompts sent at strategic times