Putting Customers At Ease  At Ipsun Solar

Promising early indicators after adding Bodhi to this installer’s solar tech stack


About Ipsun Solar

Founded in 2016, Ipsun Solar is a leader in clean energy services based in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV).  They design and install solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits, and government organizations.  Through a combination of hiring great people, developing airtight processes, and serving a market with a ravenous appetite for solar, Ipsun Solar has quickly gained a reputation as a premier solar integrator in the DMV.


Employee Count

Joe Marhamati,

Co-Founder, Ipsun Solar

I strongly believe that Bodhi can help us scale because they have a CEO who is a solar evangelist with experience in the solar industry and they have shown that they will listen to us and evolve their software over time.

Short Term Goals

Help customers track their project.

Long Term Goals

Generate more referrals.

Life Before Bodhi

Operating across three states results in a uniquely high number of external stakeholders required to sign-off on a given solar project.  A typical solar customer journey in the DMV lasts from 3 to 8 months. The Ipsun Solar team faced the challenge of building strong relationships with customers who are making a significant investment in an unpredictable market and expect constant project updates over the course of their solar journeys. Before Bodhi, Ipsun Solar Customer Service Reps (CSR) would call customers each week - sometimes every day - to provide a project update.

Decision To Change

As Ipsun Solar continued to scale, their executive team realized that managing their growing customer base, and continuing to deliver on their high standards of customer service was becoming a major headache.  Ipsun Solar grew concerned that their reputation may suffer, and that they could see a decline in customer referrals should they not address the root of these challenges.  


When evaluating software products, the Ipsun Solar team places a high value on specificity, and interoperability. They liked that Bodhi was purpose-built specifically for the solar industry, and that the 17TeraWatts’ team behind Bodhi, like the Ipsun Solar team, is made up of solar evangelists. Further, it was critical for Ipsun Solar that any potential software solution for their customer experience challenges, integrate with their existing CRM, Hubspot. Bodhi’s integration with Hubspot promotes ease of use for Ipsun’s staff, and reduces opportunities for aggravating double-entry of data.

You spend an hour or two less - or no time at all - dealing with customers because they can see a path to getting their project done. 

Joe Marhamati, Co-Founder, Ipsun Solar

Life With Bodhi

Although Ipsun Solar is still in the early days of using Bodhi, they quickly benefited from the new functionality, particularly where it increases touchpoints to Ipsun’s customers.

Ipsun Solar’s customers report being happiest about effortlessly knowing exactly where they are in their solar journey, and they enjoy having the ability to choose how frequently they receive updates.

Internally, Bodhi has allowed Ipsun Solar to eliminate the CSR role and reallocate their staff into higher value operational roles - a demonstrative increase in productivity.  The sales reps now remain the customer focal point, providing a consistent and familiar face to their customers across the entire customer journey.

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